2007 – Odd Job Jack

Tuesday, Aug 4, 2020
Created by: Adrian Carter, Jeremy Diamond, Denny Silverthorne
Original Network: CTV Comedy Channel
Number of Episodes: 1 (that Carrie has starred in)
Production year: 2006-2007
Original release: March 5, 2003 – October 14, 2007
Running time: 23 minutes
Other cast: Don McKellar, Matthew Ferguson, Jeremy Diamond |
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Odd Job Jack is an animated comedy about one guy’s misadventures in temporary employment and his quest to get a full-time life. In the year 2003, in an unnamed Canadian megacity, JACK RYDER (voiced by Don McKellar) searches for a way out of limbo. Twenty-five years old and fresh out of university – sporting a degree in sociology and shouldering a hefty student debt – Jack is decidedly unsure what he wants to do with the rest of his life. In fiscal desperation, Jack signs on at a temp agency – Odd Jobs Unlimited – where he finds himself placed in a variety of usual and unusual postion by Betty Styles, his ever-optimistic (and in Jack’s opinion, totally attractive) career counsellor. In every episode, Jack tries out a new job, introducing him to an array of interesting characters, unique experiences, and different perspectives on the working world.