Announcing the opening of Rebel Princess: A Carrie Fisher Tribute Fansite

Monday, Nov 27, 2017


Welcome to the home for fans of Carrie Fisher. If you’re like me, you’ve felt a disturbance in the force ever since the news of her heart attack and hospitalization last year. As a kid, Carrie was the first movie hero I ever had. But as I got older, she became the first celebrity that I ever admired and hero-worshipped as a person. She wasn’t perfect, I never put her on a pedestal, I admired her so much for being honest about her flaws and mistakes. Her attitude about her mental health issues changed my life and the way I dealt with my own problems, my family’s, and other people in my life. Since she died, I’ve felt a little less light and hope in the world. So I wanted to hopefully help other people have a reminder of Carrie whenever they need it.


Please stop by the gallery and look at large collection of photos. Currently, there are only public appearances, photoshoots, and Star Wars photos but I will be adding a new section each few days or week until its complete. Also, drop by the Memorial Book and leave a few thoughts about Carrie. I’d love for this to be the haven of all of her fans to come to share favorite memories and bond with other fans! If you have anything to donate to the site or suggestions to make, please send me an email at

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